Welcome to Finance First. We are specialists in financial, insurance, pension and investment advice. We are also happy to talk about estate planning; retirement planning and the provision of tax efficient life policies to ensure you get the best return for your existing monthly spend.

It is our job to provide you, the customer, with the best possible advice for your circumstances.  We strive to meet your needs in the most effective way possible; and aim, not to sell you anything, but educate as to what is available, health check your existing financial products, guide you through the various options and let you make your own decision after getting the information you need to do so.

We have long standing relationships with institutions such as, KBC Bank, Brokers Ireland, Irish Life, New Ireland, Aviva, Zurich, Hive Insurance, Royal London, BCP, Friends First, ICS Mortgages and much more.

Contact us and let our team of professional consultant’s source the right financial or insurance product that will be tailor made for you and your family.


First time buyer or trading up? Finance First will get the best possible mortgage to suit your needs


Save time and money our consultants will show you how to reduce monthly outgoings


Calculate approximately the cost of your accident insurance, hospital, mortgage, and many more.

Protect you and your family against the unexpected Life insurance is not as costly as it once was, and we price match to get the lowest price on your behalf. Talk to us today, and we will explain, how life and home insurance works in easy to understand terms, at the very least, you will then know, if your current policy is suitable or not.